Moving & Storage Inc.


Mr. Al and his crew were great! They worked very hard and was open to helping us with what we needed. We made them move the truck 5 times to re park! I would definitely use this particular crew again. We had some heavy stuff!
Ivana Sejnic
Wayne Movers were indeed professional. After moving us up 3 flights of stairs in record time, I have nothing but good things to say about them. 10/10 would recommend.
James R Colton
Our family hired Wayne Movers for a move from Morristown to Madison. The movers they sent were fantastic! I could swear Al is a superman, he picked up stuff effortlessly that I couldn't even slide on the carpet. Mike was so kind and professional, I was pleasantly surprised that the movers weren't "rough" individuals. They were diligent about padding and wrapping our stuff so everything was protected and we had no damages. Thank you for the moving help.
Anderson Family
Your storage service is worth to be appreciated!!!I had my difficulties selling all the items and when I called them up they provided such good price for storing my items that I was flabbergasted!!After a month I called up and they were right out to receive my call and let me know that my stuffs were just like they promised. Thank you for letting me know that all storage company is not same. I will always recommend you guys and your hard will someday pay you off if not now. Thumbs up.
Adrian Lemar
Wow! Thanks to Al and his crew for doing an awesome job today! Conscientious, punctual and friendly to boot! Professional from the first call for info and scheduling, the confirmation calls, to the final piece of furniture set into storage. I will be booking again when we need to load our truck to move out of state. Thank you, Wayne Movers for a great moving experience!
Sarah H.
Big thanks to them for all the work they did and how efficiently they did it. There was no point in the 2 hours that I hired them for that I saw them doing nothing. They were always working and had a goal in mind.My Recommendation to Al and his team..You guys were wonderful.
Joseph Arlington
My last few attempts with movers were less than pleasant. They were late and had a very cold demeanor. I was going to give up on movers but decided to give these guys a try after hearing from a friend about their service. Glad I listened to my friend as they were absolutely amazing. Hard working, determined, and friendly! Thank you guys so much.
Micheal C Harris
Wayne Moving Company Inc is without a doubt one of the best moving companies in New Jersey and surrounding! I had to book my move in, on a very short notice, and they were able to accommodate me without any hesitation. Their secretary at the office was very friendly, and she explained all the details to me in a very clear manner. When the movers arrived at my home, the first thing they did was explain the contract. Then they started loading my things, and in a few minutes, we were ready to go! So happy with their service!
Amanda Perez lendez
We couldn’t be happier with our recent move with Wayne Moving. Their prices were affordable, in fact, a lot cheaper than the quotes we got from the other movers we had called in the NYC area. On the day of the move, the crew arrived early and were fast, diligent, organized, and professional.
Mike H
Worked their butt off..thanks again and please remember them at raise time lol...
Mary Hofmann