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Additional Moving Services: What Can Good Movers Offer?

A crew of guys will just come by and carry all the household items out of your place, will load them quickly in the vehicle waiting and then drive you to your new destination. By the time you reach the new destination the moving crew will already be waiting for you instructions.
O Yes! Don’t forget they actually packed up your all possessions prior to your move.
This is what general conception of a moving company is,however, in reality there are many more additional services that a moving company can provide to their customer. At Wayne Moving&Storage Inc, we can take care of all of your additional moving needs like packing and unpacking, assembling furniture prior and post move. We can also hoist furniture through windows and provide safe and secure storage.

No matter how near or far you moving to; Packing is beginning of you move. If you are just moving around the block or a short distance and if you are lucky to to have friends to help you,its great! But not always you can get that perk so many valid reasons come to why we need a professional movers help. If you are not a kind of person who does not like people touching around then here we are!! Wayne Moving and Storage, Inc.

Packing is the most time consuming pre-move task for all so that is the first reason why you want to hire a Professional Movers.
Let us take care of your special items that are either too delicate or breakable or too bulky and heavy for you to handle. A professional,bonded and insured moving company will always take care of you valuable possessions. Piano or antique furniture too heavy will be safely carried to your destination and you don’t have to worry about how to do it; just relax and stay back we will get it done for you.
Let us know if you want to discuss about our Additional Packing Services and prices.

Assembling the Furniture Prior and Post Move
One of the biggest part of moving is also about handling the heavy furniture like beds,wardrobes,dressers,desks,tables,chairs and so on. Before you make a move, Wayne Moving & Storage Inc, a long distance movers in Wayne,NJ suggest you to decide what you want to do with heavy and bulky furniture. Do you want to take them with you or make arrangements for selling them or just leave them back.
Once you have made up your mind to take that furniture with you that’s when you need a Professional movers. A moving company can always offer for the disassembly and reassembly of furniture before and after the move.
Don’t forget to discuss the furniture disassembly and Reassembly charges.
Handling of Special Household Items
To avoid extra service fees, we might be tempted to pack up and move the numbers of special items we have in your home ourselves. And while that tactic could be a good solution for relocating ordinary items such as books, clothes, kitchen utensils, and most non-breakable small to medium sized possessions, found in your home, including more compact furniture pieces such as chairs, a single decision to move a piano, relocate a pool table, transport a big safe, or move a hot tub will quickly change the way you organize the entire move.
So let Wayne Moving & Storage Inc, residential movers in Wayne,NJ handle your special household items. We will make sure its right before you is in your new address.
Hoisting Through Windows
Hoisting also known as rigging is a highly specialized additional service a moving company can offer. It takes exceptional moving skills to set up and use this service. It is wise for anyone who wants to move to make sure that if the items to be moved cannot be taken in through narrow doors or hallways to discuss with the moving specialists. Hoisting through windows can be expensive sometimes so it is good to discuss the pros and cons of the situation and its worth to be hoisted.
Moving company can always offer the storage service as additional services
While negotiating the conditions of your moving contract with your selected mover, it’s vital that you have a clear understanding of what additional moving services your partner will provide and how much you will pay for each one. In order to have the problem-free move you hope to have, everything should be crystal clear between you and your mover, from Day 1 until the relocation job is done.